About Us

The Colonic Clinic at Pomona, Sunshine Coast, Queensland has been open since March 2011. It is set in the beautiful hinterland of Noosa which is approximately 30 minutes away.

As a Natural Therapist, Jan was with Greg Gralton ND as Colon Hydrotherapist and Receptionist at Nambour from 2004 until the end of 2010. Having relocated the clinic has provided a warm and welcoming area in a corner of the large family home with wide verandahs and gardens, all of which gives a sense of  peacefulness and a quiet atmosphere.

Jan’s background has been in nursing as an Enrolled nurse as well as Secretarial and Administration.  Always with an avid desire for knowledge about nutrition and well-being, Jan studied with the College of Applied Natural Sciences (Margaret Wright) on the Sunshine Coast to complete her Diploma in Colon Hydrotherapy.  At the same time studying Nutrition with The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences in Brisbane – so far achieving a Cert IV in Nutrition with expectations of completing the Advanced Diplomas in Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine during 2012.

Along the way, the long held desire to know more about Iridology presented a wonderful opportunity to study Integrated Iridology with Toni Miller ND and after completion of all requirements, Jan now has a Diploma in Iridology, specialising in photo Iris Analysis.

Jan is passionate about helping people cleanse their bodies, changing their lifestyles through good eating habits and understanding patterns that bring poor health.  Sub-optimal health and well-being is often through simply not understanding about nutrition and stresses impacting so much on our physical and emotional health, so that’s where Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutrition comes in and the other passion within this area is that of Iridology as we look at the client’s iris’ together, we can see the digestive area and other parts of the iris that indicate which systems of the body need to be nurtured.

Other passions in life for Jan are her wonderfully supportive husband, family, gardening and two pet poodles.