Why Your Body’s pH is So Important

YOUR PRECIOUS pH by Greg Gralton, Naturapath, Nambour, Queensland

My Acid-Alkaline Balance Takes Care of Itself, right?

It is true that your body has very effective systems for setting up suitable acid-alkaline levels in your body fluids for biochemical reactions to occur. Nevertheless, you may overtax these systems.

We know that if you attempt to grow plants in soil that does not have suitable pH; they will either do poorly or not survive, regardless of care taken.

From recent scientific findings, it is known that the oceans are becoming slightly more acid and that this small increment is actually a threat to some marine life.

All life forms, your body included, require optimal pH for a healthy existence.  Poor health, disease and premature death are the price you will pay if you maintain inappropriate acid-alkaline states. Without suitable pH, your body’s delicate physiological, biochemical and nutritional functions are compromised with dire consequences. The importance of maintaining suitable pH levels in terms of your health and wellbeing cannot be overstated as it is something even under naturopathic care that is sometimes overlooked.

Your body is wonderful in maintaining its balance (homeostasis), pH levels being a central theme, but it is a very wise choice to give it a hand.

Maybe I’m Too Acid or Too Alkaline

Most people in our society, and there is a good chance that this could also mean you, have a tendency to be excessively acid. This is a result of several major factors – generally acid promoting diet with excesses of animal proteins, grains, sugar and beverages such as coffee and alcohol, with relatively low consumption of alkalising vegetables and fruit; toxic metals accumulation in the tissues; mineral deficiencies and imbalances; and on-going mental-emotional stress.

On the other hand, you may be one of the minority with alkaline excess. This is commonly due to a vegetarian or vegan diet and sometimes it is a result of a person going too far in their efforts to prevent having an acid system. An excessively alkaline system suffers from stagnation in bodily functions and chemical reactions and has its characteristic health challenges.

If you are excessively acid, there is energy wastage, overstimulation, excessive inflammation and disease processes arising from these imbalances.

Jan Denten of Colonic Clinic, Pomona:

To correct an imbalance involves the adjusting the diet to adjust the pH of the digestive tract. Once this is accomplished, the body is able to draw the required elements from the food eaten. When the urine pH moves into an alkaline environment, many food substances & especially proteins are not broken down, & these build up as undigested protein wastes.  The greater the alkalinity, the more a person becomes constipated, with an increase of toxic wastes which eventually leads to stress on the function of the liver.

When both the urine & saliva pH are in balance at 6.4 to 6.8, the secretions of the digestive tract are operating at peak efficiently. At this level it also indicates that the pH of the blood is in perfect balance. (Taken from  The Ionic Body by Douglas Jesse DC, D.hom)

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